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Gumbi Gumbi soap

Gumbi Gumbi soap

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Gumbi Gumbi Soap - Beautiful and Handmade

Well known for unique properties, Gumbi Gumbi soap gently moisturizes and maintains the balance of natural oils in your skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Thanks to the Natural ingredients in this soap, your skin will be left so soft, smooth, and flawless, gentle enough to use daily on your face.

Why you should be using Gumbi Gumbi Soap

Most people actively try to minimize the amount of toxins that enter their body, by eating good food, drinking plenty of water and breathing fresh air however, what many people don’t realize is that toxins are absorbed through their skin. 
This knowledge is sooo important when deciding what kind of soap to use, and should be considered by you and your family, to make the switch to our 100% Natural soap 'Gumbi Gumbi Soap'. It’s a purchase you can feel ethically good about and enjoy.

Traditionally Gumbi Gumbi will Leave your skin feeling nourished & hydrated.


Leave the Soap in the Organza Bag – This will preserve the life of our Botanical Soap, when finished lathering up just hang it to dry

Perfect for All Skin Types

Shape and sizes may vary from the picture displayed


Love, pittosporum angustifolium (Gumbi Gumbi)**, olea europaea (olive oil)***,  cocos nuafera (coconut oil)*

 *Organic ingredients.

** Australian botanicals wild harvested

*** Australian Cold-pressed, preservative & chemical free, non-GMO, unrefined.

Love is that special ingredient


 Whilst all our Gumbi Leaf Power products are created for sensitive skin, we recommend spot testing your new product prior to use. External use only. If ingested, or a reaction develops, seek medical advice.



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