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Value Pack 1. - Fresh Face

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Value Pack - FRESH FACE to tackle your day head on!  

We love giving value to our customers, so we have put together a range of gift packs for any occasion. 

FRESH FACE pack  - Gumbi Gumbi is well known for its unique properties.

1 x Gumbi Gumbi Soap                                                                                                                  1 x Gumbi Gumbi Hydrating Face Mist                                                                                    1 x Gumbi Gumbi Moisturiser                                                                                                      1 x Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm  


  • Gumbi Gumbi SoapIt’s a 3 in one product/facial cleanser, shampoo and body soap. Well known for unique properties, Gumbi Gumbi soap gently moisturizes and maintains the balance of natural oils in your skin, leaving your skin feeling nourished and hydrated, your skin will be left so soft, smooth, and flawless, gentle enough to use daily on your face.
  • Hydrating Face Mist -  Harness the energy of the plant with Gumbi Gumbi whether your searching for skin hydration, a quick refreshment or just a traditional face toner, our facial mist is here for you. 'Gumbi Gumbi is mother nature’s way of helping you to heal, tone, freshen and revitalise your skin. So next time you find yourself feeling a little flat, or your skin is a little dry, step away from the fire hydrant and embrace our Hydrating Facial Mist.
  • MoisturiserThis all Natural Gumbi Gumbi Moisturiser is designed to nurture the skin with its divine combination of Gumbi Gumbi in Australian organic Macadamia Oil & Natural butters. 
  • Lip Balm - You will fall head over heals for our Gumbi Gumbi Lip Balm. This nourishing blend is designed to soften, freshen, brighten and tighten your lovely lips. And don't worry, this lightly minty mini has a big kick, and our secret... Gumbi Leaf Power borrowed natures cook book to ensure you get the best!


Gumbi Leaf Power’s FRESH FACES Value Pack will keep all faces happy and nourished the natural way. 




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