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‘The Gumbi Leaf Power business, (and the harvesting of the Gumbi Gumbi trees) is being held on the traditional lands of the Barunggam people, and this business wishes to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners.

Gumbi Leaf Power would also like to pay its respects to their Elders, past and present and the Elders from other communities.'

Photo - Cameron & Maree

The Gumbi Leaf Power story

For Aboriginal peoples, country is much more than a place, a rock, a tree, a river, a hill, an animal or human, we live with land, water, sky. Country is filled with relations speaking language & following lore, no matter whether the shape of that relation is human, rock, bird, wattle. Country is loved, needed and cared for and country loves, needs and cares for her peoples in turn. Country is family, culture, identity. Country is self.

We are Gumbi Leaf Power, Helping Community & Country.

Gumbi Leaf Power was set-up by husband and wife Cameron and Maree Young, who are passionate about Gumbi Gumbi (Pittosporum Angustifolium) a Traditional Australian Native Botanical (Traditional Bush Tucker plant)

Grandparents of 20...WOW! Yes 20.   Cameron has Indigenous family heritage from the Paredarerme/Pungenna people at Oyster Bay, Tasmania.

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Armed with Aboriginal knowledge of the land and following years of bad health, Cameron and Maree embarked on a huge life style change. We both had health problems, and we all knew someone that was suffering, even one of our daughters nearly lost a leg." The first stop for us was becoming vegan. 

Having extensive knowledge of this fantastic Australian botanical bush tucker tree "Gumbi Gumbi"(Pittosporum angustifolium), Gumbi Leaf Power was born in Chinchilla, the melon capital of Australia.
Cameron and Maree wild harvest the Gumbi Gumbi leaves, we harvest and treat the trees with respect and use selective pruning techniques, through to personally developing products, handmaking them, packaging and processing orders.

 All Gumbi Leaf Power products are Handmade with LOVE; they are 100% Natural, Organic and are Plant-Based. 

We are 100% Australian owned Indigenous Family Business 🖤💛❤️

We only harvest 100% Pittosporum angustifolium/Gumbi Gumbi trees.

Gumbi Leaf Power's sincerest hope is to share this fantastic Australian bush tucker with Australians and the rest of the world.
"We are just so thrilled to be able to share this traditional bush tucker Gumbi Gumbi with people so that we can help change their lives, the natural way."

Blessings                                                                                                          Cameron and Maree

"Home Sweet Home Chinchilla, The Biggest Melon Home of Melon Fest, PLUS so many other natural wonders like GUMBI LEAF POWER"

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