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Cameron, one of the founders of Gumbi Leaf Power, chatted with Lavinia about her experience of taking Gumbi Gumbi Pittosporum Angustifolium Capsules.

What is the name of your health problem?

Lavinia: It is called Pyoderma gangrenosum. What basically happens is when I get a sore of any kind on my skin it turns into a big infection which can’t be fixed with antibiotics, but can be cleared with surgery.

Cameron: Have you had many of these infections and surgeries in the past?

Lavinia: I’ve had this condition for around five years with more than ten infections and six surgeries where I had a general anaesthetic. I also had four or five surgeries where I had a local injection and the infection area was cleared out.

Cameron: When you began taking the Gumbi Gumbi capsules had you already had a few infections?

Lavinia: I think I just had one. I was told that Gumbi Gumbi would boost my immune system which is what I needed because mine was very low so the risk of getting an infection was very high. When I started on Gumbi Gumbi my infection marker was around 27-30, which is very low.

Cameron: Did it take long to bring those markers down?

Lavinia: I was on Gumbi Gumbi for three months and my white cell count went down to seven, which is pretty much normal - an amazing result.

Cameron: Any cuts or scratches since taking Gumbi Gumbi?

Lavinia: I’ve had a couple, but instead of taking months and months to heal, the infections would only stick around for a couple of weeks, from start to being completely healed. I did not need surgery for those. 

Cameron: When your Immune levels were high did you catch colds and flu?

No, I got through the flu season without catching anything.

Cameron: So it is safe to say you are more than satisfied with the healing properties of Gumbi Gumbi?

Lavinia: Absolutely. I even put my niece on Gumbi Gumbi when she had the flu as it works better than over-the-counter cold and flu tablets and has no side effects.

Cameron: Have you noticed any other positives in your health?

Lavinia: My skin is super clear. I have more energy. I use Gumbi Gumbi soap everyday as it’s great for removing dandruff when you add some to shampoo. I have to add however I recently ran out of Gumbi Gumbi and have not taken it for a few months. My advice there, is to not let it run out and to not stop taking it even if you’re feeling well.

Cameron: Thank you Lavinia for your candor regarding your health problems. We are so pleased that this wonderful ancient bush tucker has been so beneficial to you.



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